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Elisabeth Weinek - Frozen in Illusion VII - 2022

Elisabeth Weinek - Frozen in Illusion VII - 2022

For 15 years Austrian photographer Elisabeth Weinek studied Fuschlsee through her camera lens; continually inspired by the landscape to capture its incredible visual diversity. Stemming from this work, the series "Frozen in Illusion" is a is an photographic exploration of geometric abstraction and colour in the natural world. Central to Weinek's philosophy is the purity of the image, adapting to what the environment offers rather than chasing a specific image. The impact of these images is the product of framing and patience, not digital manipulation.


Frozen in Illusion VII is available as a signed Fine Archival Art Print in 3 formats, each limited to only 3 pieces and 1 artist proof. 

  • Edition

    Limited edition of 3 pieces +1 Artist Proof.

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