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Small Ivory Globe and Sundial - 1820s

Small Ivory Globe and Sundial - 1820s

We are pleased to offer this highly decorative, hand-engraved ivory globe and sundial. Likely made in England around the 1820s, this two-part hinged ivory globe, is hand-engraved and set in black and red-brownish colour. The equator is made of an ebony disc which is hinged. Inside is a rather charming engraved sundial with a brass hand. A small brass knob is also present on top of the northern hemisphere. The globe sits on a brass pedestal with a turned wooden foot.


The globe gives a historical geographic picture of the Earth, before the discovery of Australia by Thomas Cook (1808-1892) on 29 April 1770, here inscribed "Terra Australis Incognita". The inscriptions are in Latin and Italian. The prevailing wind directions are inscribed, according to John Senex (1678-1740).

  • Dimensions

    Diameter: 5cm

    Height: 9.3cm

  • Condition

    Minimally stained and worn, the base slightly rubbed, the unfinished, unbleached ivory in honey-yellow-chamois tone, like the entire globe in original condition and very good preservation.

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